Top places in Jersey

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Top places in Jersey
Jersey might sound familiar to you for several reasons. Maybe for the name of a state in the USA, maybe for the popular show Jersey Shore that aired sometime in 2012. Or maybe even Jersey Gardens Mall? This article will have nothing to do with Jersey Gardens Mall or any other of these things besides the name itself! Here you will find out more information about the largest of the Channel Islands - Jersey. A less popular but nevertheless beautifully stunning destination that everyone should consider for a quaint holiday. Located in the English Channel, this island is actually properly called the Bailiwick of Jersey, and the notion also includes the surrounding uninhabited rocks. But for the sake of ease, I will continue to use the shorter version. So, the article is about top places in Jersey! What do I mean by top places? Let’s say I will try to cover a bit of everything - some places for nature lovers, some foodie spots. I will mention some most noteworthy places in Saint Helier Jersey United Kingdom, and you ever wondered which country is Saint Helier the capital of? The answer is easy, and it’s Jersey! And I will throw in a few ideas about the best Saint Helier hotel accommodations, too! high tide An interesting fact! Did you know that the name of clothing “jersey” does originate in this island we are now talking about? Historically they were knitted sweaters dyed in blue. There are two reasons why such a piece of clothing has taken upon the name of this place. First, in Medieval times people of Jersey were well known for their knitting skills. And second, this particular sweater was made by dying the wool blue, and it did not require stripping it from its natural oils. Subsequently, it just meant that the sweaters were more water-resistant and greater for bad weather. Thus, the fame of this name! Nowadays, though, most people will recognize jerseys as t-shirts or similar tops worn by athletes. The connection to the former one? My guess would be the point about water resistance! Before we move further, I will tell you an interesting fact. Do you know which country is Saint Helier the capital of? Technically it is the capital of the island of Jersey. Jersey has a slightly more complicated governing situation - technically, it is independent of the UK, but is the UK is nevertheless responsible for the defense of the island. So basically, in Saint Helier Jersey, United Kingdom is the big guardian, but they are fully autonomous otherwise. For you, as a traveler, it just means that you can tell that you’ve visited yet another new country! So, let’s move on to hearing more about the top places in Saint Helier Jersey, and the rest of the island!

Historical places

jersey castle The island has a rich historic background connected to the German occupation. If you are looking for things to do or are interested in wartime architecture, you will have quite some things to do here. Visit Normont Point for gorse-covered cliffs and bunkers or pay a visit at the Battery Lothringen, the World War II Coastal Artillery Observation Tower. This building looks straight out of a movie and offers amazing views across St Aubin’s Bay. If you are interested in finding out more about their history, then go to the Jersey War Tunnels - an exhibition housed within an underground tunnel complex. It was built by slaves, and you will be able to see what life was like in Jersey back in the day.

Things to do in nature

jersey island Look at the map of Saint Helier Jersey - the water is all around! If you have arrived on this island to enjoy nature, then it is very likely you will be doing something water-related. Another option is going for the greenery and some land-based activities. Let me just list a few of the opportunities and places worth visiting to experience Jersey’s most exciting natural treats.

Beaches and cliffs

jersey island beach There might be days when you are less keen on immersing yourself in water. Kayaking or motorboat trips departing from Saint Helier Jersey will be a great option for making lots of photos of the rugged coastline! Nevertheless, the most exotic views from Jersey will be found along the coast and demand some effort by hiking or swimming to the site. Deserted and heavenly beaches, steep cliffs to dive right in the sea from as well as breathtaking coves that allow access during low tides... Just decide what you want to experience - tiny sandy beaches like La Coupe. Or a beach accessible only by boat - Beauport. Among the most charming beaches, you should definitely check out Portelet, too! If you are into surfing, then St Ouen's Bay will be the right spot for you. Want something more extreme? Try coasteering (jumping from cliffs in water) in Greve De Lecq! The adrenaline rush and unforgettable postcard view are guaranteed.

Parks and gardens

jersey island The whole island is rather green, and it offers great opportunities for exploring the variety of flora, as well as the local trades. If you happen to be interested in the making of beverages, then head right to the Jersey gardens of La Mare Wine Estate, Distillery, and Cider Farm. You will be able to see the place where the famous Jersey Apple Brandy Cream is made and enjoy a wonderful day outdoors, too.  Another charming spot to visit is the Jersey Lavender Farm. Besides being incredibly photogenic (a memory for your Instagram wall?), it is also a very aromatic place to have a walk. During the harvest season (June to mid-August), you can see these wonderful plants being harvested and turned into some of the most typical Jersey Lavender products. If you are particularly interested in biodiversity, then head for an afternoon walk in The Botanic Gardens at Samares Manor. This and other Jersey gardens are a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself and unwind after some sightseeing!

Places to go for great food

sardines fish If you take a look at the map of Saint Helier Jersey, you will immediately get the idea of why seafood is great here. Actually, that applies to the rest of the island, too! The best places for trying seafood while on your visit to Saint Helier Jersey, are Bistro Rosa and Roseville Bistro. Heavenly crab, lobster, oysters, and many other sea delicacies to make your tastebuds sing! To go for other traditional dishes, visit one of two restaurants in the Hotel Revere Saint Helier Jersey. The Candlelight and Doran's Courtyard Bistro each have a different vibe, but both offer an amazing service and various local dishes to try. Try Jersey bean crock! If you have a serious sweet tooth, then your best shot would be trying the Jersey wonders. These doughnut cousins, also known as des Merveilles, are something to die for! Or maybe just...visiting Jersey for. To try, go to the central market and get a fresh bite right from the hands of the baker!

Places to stay

saint helier hotel If you are looking for Saint Helier hotel options or other unique places to lay your head in Jersey, look no further. Not only top spots to have a well-deserved rest after a long day of exploring, but also a few places worth visiting on their own!

Ommaroo Hotel Saint Helier

ommaroo hotel This is my favorite Saint Helier hotel. It is full one of a kind accommodation full of historic charm and amazing views towards the sea. Ommaroo Hotel Saint Helier pride themselves on their hospitality and appeal that has been kept since 1926. And the best thing if you stay in Ommaroo Hotel Saint Helier most famous Lido beachfront, will be right in front of your door!

Hotel Revere Saint Helier Jersey

hotel revere My heart goes with the Hotel Revere Saint Helier Jersey for its historic interior and world-class quality of service. Let me paint you a picture. You are a royal British aristocrat staying in your grand mansion that also features a private pool and two spectacular restaurants (you heard about those before). Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Elizabeth Castle

castle in jersey island If you take a look at the map of Saint Helier Jersey, then the location of this unique accommodation is visible right there in front of you. That small strip of the island right off the shore is the spot. So imagine - an actual castle on an actual island that can be reached on foot during low tide, too. Royal and exclusive!

Barge Aground

jersey It is one of the most unique locations - a boat that has been permanently docked on land and made into this charming lodge. Right on the coast, it can house up to 6 people for an unforgettable holiday! Let’s wrap up. So… you have understood that the only jerseys you will find in Jersey Gardens Mall are to be worn by people, not visited for a splendid holiday. And you know now the answer to the question which country is Saint Helier the capital of? The only thing left to do is finding the closest route to Saint Helier Jersey United Kingdom, and booking a trip of your lifetime. After all, this long deprivation from traveling during pandemic times will be a great reason to plan a vacation in a less likely destination! And who knows, maybe soon enough, you will be strolling Jersey gardens leisurely, eating fresh oysters, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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