What is travel insurance, and why is it necessary?

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What is travel insurance, and why is it necessary?

None of us is aware of what may happen to us. The long-awaited paradisiac journey can turn into hell in a moment. So how do we get out of this situation? Although we cannot insure ourselves against adverse events and misfortune, at least we can insure against the material damage. Thus, travel insurance protects us from various incidents. 

What is travel insurance?


Insurance is provided for the compensation of the material and moral damage that can occur in the country, the tourist is travelling. What does travel insurance cover? The insurance covers immediate medical treatment and reimbursement of expenses incurred in the event of health issues, injuries due to the accidents, and full or partial compensation for any costs incurred during the travel noted in the travel certificate. 

Certificate of insurance is written in the official language of your nationality or residence and the destination country (or countries).

To have a meaningful holiday, to release the stress of the year, to be free from negative energy, to have an exciting journey is the dream of everyone before the trip. In this case, we must primarily think about our safety. Travel insurance protects and guarantees your safety worldwide, no matter where you are.

Well, what insurance? Nothing will happen

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To get insurance is not a game, you need to take it seriously. Many tourists think that nothing can happen to them. Thus, they take the load off their shoulders by getting ordinary insurance and continue on their way. However, as it is said, things happen once. If you do not want to have problems, get insured. More precisely, get the right travel insurance! Proper insurance will save you from tedious issues.

What to insure from?


Travel insurance has different guarantees which insurance companies provide. Insurance guarantees are:

• Coverage of medical expenses during accidents and emergency illnesses of citizens travelling beyond the borders of their country of nationality or residence;

• Personal accident insurance; 

• Luggage insurance when travelling abroad;

• Coverage for travel cancellation or change of date;

• Flight Delay Insurance;

• Insurance for the loss of international passports and travel documents.

As mentioned earlier, insurance covers medical costs. Therefore, health insurance is the first and main one. It is even recommended to travel to non-visa countries with medical insurance. Medical insurance includes:

• If you fall ill beyond the state borders, to meet the expenses of medication written by the doctor. First, contact the company you have purchased the insurance and make sure you have the coverage. (Appropriate contacts will be provided to you when signing the contract); 

• Inpatient medical treatment;

• Transportation costs. The costs of transportation or ambulance that you use from your residence to the hospital are also covered;

• You have purchased the return ticket. However, you are not able to return due to health issues. In this case, the insurance company covers all expenses for returning to the country.

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Also, tourists travelling to the place of risk of infectious diseases do not undergo a proper medical examination under international medical requirements and are not vaccinated against dangerous contagious diseases.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness while travelling abroad, and have a knowledge of this disease before signing your insurance contract, your health insurance will not cover your expenses. This rule applies to all chronic diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases. Naturally, the insurance does not bear the costs in such cases. Therefore, if you have any chronic illness, you should get the supplies you need and take into account all the risks. Medical insurance covers the cost of diseases or injuries that we did not know before.

If we insure our life, we should also ensure our property. When travelling abroad, luggage insurance will provide you with material reimbursement for your lost baggage. It is worth to note that this insurance is valid even in the event of the carrier’s fault for the loss of luggage and bags. Compensation is calculated individually. If your baggage is precious, take advantage of this insurance.

You can be insured for not being able to leave the country. You have bought your ticket, but your relative is immediately hospitalized, or you are being called up for military service, or a lawsuit is filed against you, and your travel is postponed. How about the money you pay for a ticket? Do you want to lose it? In this case, you can use the insurance to cancel or change the date of your trip. If you have insurance, your money will return to your pocket. 

Many of us “go crazy” because of the hectic work. Sometimes it can affect our journey, for example, losing our passport or ticket. In such an absurd situation, insurance for loss of foreign passports and travel documents can help us.

Well, I agree, I need insurance. How to get travel insurance?

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Very easy! Usually, travel insurance is provided in a tour package. However, this insurance is simple and ordinary. If you think that you will do your best and want better quality insurance, take your time and do some research and choose the insurance company that suits you. You can quickly get travel insurance online at home without going to the office. 

Also, note that there are both standard and individual insurance. If you are planning to live in extreme conditions, have some health issues, or are in pregnancy, personal insurance is more advisable.

Now I have to pay for insurance. How much will it cost me?

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The cost of insurance can vary based on several factors. The cost varies depending on the country you travel to, the type of travel, travel dates, your health, and your age (the insurance of the elderly may be slightly higher).

For example, standard one-year insurance can sometimes cost less than two-weeks individual insurance for extreme lover tourists. Moreover, insurance fees depend on which group the tourists belong to. Insurance fees for athletes, elderly and older people, for those who work under hard conditions (mines, construction) and for climbers are higher than for ordinary tourists. As their risks are higher, they will have to pay more for insurance.

Is this all I need to know about insurance?

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No, you should know that not all visa countries require insurance when applying for a visa. Some states require travel insurance for the visa process, meaning that insurance is mandatory. This list includes Schengen countries, some non-Schengen European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, etc.). While many countries do not require insurance for short-term visas, they need insurance for long-term visas (education, work, family reunification, etc.) such as the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, etc. The aforementioned long-term visas require having insurance in one of the domestic insurance systems of the country of destination. It is noteworthy that cancelling insurance after receiving a visa from a country requiring insurance is not advisable, as it could affect the cancellation of a visa.

It is advisable to travel insured even if you are not asked for the insurance during the visa process.  

Mostly travellers must have travel insurance to obtain a visa from the embassy. The insurance in these countries should be 2-4 days longer than the tourist’s visit.

You should also consider the date when you get the insurance. Sometimes tourists get insurance when travelling, not before travel. Nevertheless, insurance is not valid at the required moment. If you do not want this to happen to you, get insurance before leaving your country. 

Another point that you should pay attention to is that insurance is valid only in the country specified in the contract. If you plan to visit several countries, please list all the countries where you will be travelling.

We recommend that you read the entire travel certificate well and make sure you understand it. We also wish you a pleasant trip without any incidents. Have insurance against every possibility. As they say, caution is the parent of safety!

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