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Time to buy a gift! What should we bring from traveling?

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Probably all of you have magnets with the image of different countries on the refrigerator at home. As a child, we dreamed of traveling while looking at them. And now our dreams come true, and we travel. The holiday is over, and we still haven’t bought gifts for relatives and friends. How to get off the hook? Maybe we should also purchase a magnet for the fridge? It is not a bad idea; now, other children can look at them and dream. However, if you say: “It is effortless, I am looking for more creative gifts,” then let’s talk about the gifts. 


Gifts should be colorful. So let’s start with a colorful India. Various spices - saffron, long yellow ginger (turmeric), caraway, cloves, cinnamon, dill, etc. will delight everyone both with its aroma and appearance. If you have a chef friend, this will be the perfect gift. Also, it is better to buy the spices from the shops not from the market, as they are being sold in open bags, where they get dust and loss odor. 

You can bring henna for ladies from India. The quality of henna there is not even a matter of discussion; the color is natural. Ladies will also be happy with cosmetic coconut oil. Coconut oil is unique for hands and facial skincare.


Those who watch the Indian movies will not go unnoticed to the decorations. The jewelers of the country are masters of their work, and the jewelry is magnificent in the smallest detail. Since the addition of the silver to the Indian gold is less, it is durable and delicate. 

You will be guilty if you do not bring the cloth to your friend experimenting with “interesting styles” from India. Tourists cannot leave the country without buying “Ali Baba” pants, shirts with beads, and colored jackets.


You don’t know what to bring from Italy by saying, “Esto es Italia!” It may sound weird to you, but Ma-ca-roni. The macaroni types available in Italy cannot be found in any other place. The next gift may be even more bizarre, but you can also buy or give cheese as a gift. After all, Parmesan cheese is made only in Italy. Your gourmet friend will highly appreciate this gift. You will also not be mistaken if you bring wine from Italy.


Italy is distinguished for the unusualness of the utensils as souvenirs. Ceramic tools made by local craftsmen please the eyes with its originality. We should buy decorative dishes for our mothers. 


You do not need to think much if you are in France. It is impossible to not think of the perfume and delicate fragrances while saying France. All brands such as Chanel, Guerlain, Christian Dior, Cartier, and Givenchy have their unique scents. Buy a few; there will hardly be someone who can not like this fragrance. Besides, you cannot return without clothes from the fashion world. You can get gifts from boutiques such as André, Sandro, and Eram to your friend who watches all the fashion shows. 


Great Britain - Great Gifts. You can give delicious earl grey tea and tea set, miniature cups from the UK as a gift to the tea lovers. It will be perfect if you also bring British sweets. But some of your friends love alcohol, not tea? No worries, the UK is known for its gin and wine. After traveling, you can sit with a friend and recall your memories.


If you have friends fans of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, or M & M’s, your gifts will septuple their joy. At M&M’s World, you will find different products of yellow and red characters. You can get the detective’s hat at the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The Harry Potter Shop, located at King Cross Station, has everything related to Harry’s world.


You can bring an extraordinary gift from Mexico. Present the colorful skull bones from the country celebrating the “Day of the Dead” to your friend, who loves the mystics and is brave. Such souvenirs are trendy in Mexico and are an exciting choice for tourists.

Tequila is also a great choice. Mexicans offer you tequilas such as Don Julio, Herradura, Corralejo, which is worth a try.

You can rejoice your relatives and friends with coffee, hats, strange figures reflecting the Mexican culture and other gifts. 


When you buy a gift, think about who you will buy it for. Nobody knows your relatives and friends better than you. There will be plenty of choices in big cities to suit their taste. Remember, no matter what gift you buy, your friends and family will be happy. Even a small candy can make someone smile. There is a right saying: “Half a loaf is better than none.” The best gift you can give your loved ones is to talk about the beauty of your vacation and encourage them to travel!


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