12 Instagrammable places in Melekeok

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12 Instagrammable places in Melekeok
Palau, diving is likely your top priority. But what else can you experience in this wonderful island paradise in Micronesia? What excursions can you take? What can you do in Palau capital Melekeok? Where is Melekeok smallest capital? How much is the Melekeok population? Are there any instagrammable places at all? How can you take the most liked Instagram photo in Palau capital Melekeok? You will find all answers to these questions in this blog.

Where is Melekeok?

question sign Palau's island republic is located east of the Philippines and west of Hawaii in the northwestern Pacific. The islands consist of volcanic rock and have a tropical-Asian flora. Koror was the capital of the island of the same name after independence in 1994. In 2006 the government complex was moved to Melekeok smallest capital. Where is Melekeok? Melekeok is located on the largest island, Babeldaob and is one of the island's sixteen administrative units. The Melekeok population is around 400 inhabitants. The only airport in the island state is the Koror Airport, which the Melekeok population and visitors use. Palau capital Melekeok is a neat village with a monumental government complex. It has impacts of Spanish, Japanese, and also German history. With the German-Spanish Treaty of 1899, the islands became the sovereign territory of German New Guinea. In 1914 the Japanese army captured the islands and places such as Koror and Melekeok.

Attractions and activities

monumental building In Melekeok, the government building above the village built in 2006 with its very monumental buildings, is worth seeing. The reconstruction of a traditional men's house, which the natives called Bai, should also be on your list. The Airai Bai is designed figuratively with bright colours. The former chiefs' houses are full of scenes of daily life. Many sights are located in the neighbouring Koror, such as the Belau National Museum with wonderful art objects from the region. Here you can get to know the past of the island state well. The Etpison Art Museum is also one of the instagrammable places. Those who are interested in the underwater world of Palau should visit the Palau International Coral Reef Center in Koror. The underwater world of the nature reserve of Rock Islands is an Eldorado for divers. Koror is the starting point for cruise tourism in Palau. The largest nature reserve on the island is the Ngardok Nature Reserve with the Ngardok Lake. Natural beauty on the island of Babeldaob is the nature reserve Ngardok Nature Reserve with the Ngardok Lake. There are still rare animals on the island like the saltwater crocodile in Lake Ngardok. Most visitors go to the southern Rock Islands lagoon. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 50 marine lakes in the reserve, surrounded by an outer coral reef. The islands of Palau are now largely designated as nature reserves. The terraced mountains used for agricultural and cultic purposes represent cultural assets on Babeldaob that are beautiful, too. Bonus! Several wellness temples on the island of Koror, such as Anthias Body Care, indulged in the full body aromatherapy massage to satisfy you.

1. Jellyfish Lake

jellyfish lake Since November 2018, the legendary jellyfish lake in Palau has operated for tourists after a long period of closure due to the consequences of El Nino in 2015/2016 and the mass death of animals. The jellyfish population now recovered and you can now swim and snorkel there again in these delicate creatures. When you arrive at the jetty, the guides will rinse you with fresh water to reduce the residues of saltwater or "dirt" not to endanger the jellyfish. Then you will have 10-15 minute walk through the rainforest-like jungle before arriving at the jellyfish jetty. You can then spend about 45 minutes - 1 hour in the lake, drifting and admiring these elegant animals in their natural environment. For you, this will be one of the most beautiful moments in Palau.

2. Milky Way

milky way The Milky Way Lagoon is also one of the highlights of a trip to Palau. The water in this lagoon has an ice blue color and is almost reminiscent of glacier water. However the big show here is the mud bath. The light gray mud, collected from the seabed by the guide and you can then rub yourself from top to bottom with the soft, warm mud. Locals say it has a rejuvenating and healing effect because it contains many minerals. Around the Milky Way, you can take the most liked Instagram photo

3. Diving and underwater photography

underwater photography Diving is the number one highlight of probably all who are planning a trip to Palau. With every single dive, you can expect a vivacious underwater world, as well as large fish, intact reefs, and incomparable biodiversity. Since all dive sites are listed as drift dive sites, I recommend diving from the Advanced Open Water Diver. However, sometimes the current is strong, so you need to be careful. Besides, you have to dive in Palau with a dive computer and guide. Do not forget to take Instagram photos under the sea.

4. Snorkeling

snorkelling Snorkeling activities are also very popular in Palau and there are some beautiful spots where you can admire the biodiverse underwater world while floating on the water and taking the most liked Instagram photo. Around Risong Bay, the Rock Islands, there are some great places, including the Big Drop Off, where you can snorkel along a 500 m deep reef wall. 

5. Kayaking

kayaking Paddle a kayak through the secluded lagoons, be surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, marvel at colorful corals and even more colorful fish straight from the boat, discover caves, relax in a paradisiacal setting? All of this is possible on a Palau kayak excursion. You will like it so much. You can go to different spots, including the Risong or Nikko Bay. Besides kayaking, depending on the provider, you can snorkel, swim, or relax on the boat in a paradisiacal lagoon by instagrammable places.

6. Fishing

fishing A fishing trip would also be an option on Palau. You can take the boat out to the outer reefs, let the line into the water, and wait in a dreamlike setting with a view of the pristine limestone islands that stick out of the water like small mushrooms. It is nice to have an Instagram photo with freshly caught fish. 

7. Dolphins

dolphine On Palau, you have the opportunity to get close to dolphins and learn more about them and their way of life. There are a variety of excursions, from swimming or diving with you to a full day of coaching programs.

8. The island of Peleliu

peleliu island The original island of Peleliu is located in the south of the island state. Tourism is not as advanced here as on Koror or Malelek; most visitors come during the day. There are many relics from both world wars on Peleliu, be it old rusty tanks, old cannons, and airplanes. Also, in some caves, there are still bones of fallen soldiers. Around Peleliu, there are also some of the most beautiful dive sites on Palau. Alternatively, a ferry shuttles between Melekeok smallest capital and Peleliu several times a week and goes over there many times cheaper.

9. Kayangel

kayangel In the far north of Palau, another top attraction, the Kayangel archipelago, about an hour's boat ride from the northernmost tip of Babeldaob. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle on Koror, you will probably find paradise on earth here. A beautiful atoll, intact reefs, turquoise water, mini-islands, long sandy beaches, in short: a dream, very remote and only a few providers have this excursion in their program. Sandy beaches are rarely found on Palau, which is why this excursion is a must-do for all sun worshipers, beach lovers, and snorkelers

10. Helicopter tour

helicopter Who does not want to take breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Palau from the air? From above, you become aware of the extent of Palau's beauty and uniqueness, the Rock Island, the Milky Way, or the 70 Islands because the watercolors and the densely vegetated islands come into their own from the air.

11. Jungles

jungle There is also a kind of jungle tour on offer, in which you race in a converted beach buggy through mud and places that no other tourist usually comes to. Through the dense jungle, babbling rivers; If you are over 20 and have a driver's license, you are welcome to take the wheel yourself and explore the jungles of Palau.

12. Museums

museum If that is too much action for you, I can recommend a relaxing day on Koror. There are different museums, the highlight is the National Museum of Belau and the Etpison Museum. In the National Museum, you can learn a lot about the history of Palau and the influences of the Japanese and Germans on the country's history. The Etpison Museum focuses on the art of carving, traditional clothing, handicrafts, and remnants of the Second World War. There is also an impressive number of different shells. 

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