Top places to visit in US Virgin Islands

Top places to visit in US Virgin Islands

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Top places to visit in US Virgin Islands
U.S Virgin Islands, and at the end of this trip, you will not even need a US Virgin Islands map to discover the islands. These little pieces of paradise will give you unforgettable memories with their wonders.   There are some popular questions about the U.S Virgin Islands, such as which island to visit in US Virgin Islands, who is the president of Virgin Island, where are the Virgin Islands. You will find the answers to these questions and learn about the best place to visit in Virgin Islands

Where are the Virgin Islands?

boy The U.S Virgin Islands are situated in the Caribbean and located in the southwest of the British Virgin Islands. The island group includes three main islands: St Thomas, St John, and St Croix

Who owns the Virgin Islands?

people drinking The United States bought the group of islands from Denmark about 100 years ago. Now, the president of Virgin Islands is officially the president of the United States. President of Virgin Islands, which means the executive branch is Governor.  I might answer to the question; who owns the Virgin Islands by writing that "Everyone". Because there are different people with various backgrounds and they are very welcoming to the tourists who visit Virgin Islands.

No language problem

learn language If you look at the US Virgin Islands map, you may think it is a very remote place globally, so you might think language is probably an obstacle! There is nothing to be troubled with as the commonly spoken language is English, so when you visit Virgin Islands, you will not have a problem in this regard. Another language that is widely spoken in St Thomas U.S Virgin Islands is French. That is a great reason to say that there is no reason to look for the best time to visit St Thomas US Virgin Islands because you can practice your French language skills all year long. This is another reason why the Virgin Islands is one of the top places to visit in the world.

When to visit

tropical climate The islands offer you a pleasant tropical climate all year around. The temperature is always around 20-25 Celsius. Tropical rains occur the whole year, but it lasts for a short time. The best time to visit St Thomas US Virgin Islands, and others start from December until March and April. This time is also a pick season, and it means that you will see a vibrant atmosphere, crowded streets, and a lot of tourists. Try to get your reservation earlier to find a place in US Virgin Islands hotels. 

Charms of the tree islands 

tree islands I can feel that you have started to think about which island to visit in US Virgin Islands. Each of them has its beauty and features where you can find activities and places to visit for your taste. The culture is a mixture of West African, European, American traditions. If you want to experience the diverse culture, the U.S Virgin Islands is the best place to visit. When it comes to accommodation, the US Virgin Islands hotels has adopted the "Hotel Development Act" regulating hotels' development and quality. For that reason, even the president of Virgin Islands hosts his official guests at these hotels. At the same time, islands have their characteristics such as historical places to visit, nightlife, and peace, making it one of the top places to visit in the world. 

Rock city – St Thomas 

st thomas When you go to St Thomas U.S Virgin Island you can do many things that you cannot do anywhere else. Beaches are amazing there, and it is always warm all year long. That is why life revolves around the water. There are various water sports available like snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, sailing, which you can take during the day. If you do not feel like doing activities, you can just lay down on the peaceful beaches of Magens Bay. At night you can enjoy the colorful nightlife of the capital city, Charlotte Amelie. Nature is mesmerizing in St Thomas U.S Virgin Islands like every tropical island. You can even see turtles, dolphins, and other exotic plants there. The best US Virgin Islands hotels are in St Thomas. They offer a perfect service and a kind staff who will take care of all of your needs. If you like shopping during your trip, St Thomas U.S Virgin Island is the best choice to do that. You can dive into the island's main street and find everything from perfumes, electronics, and diamonds to local handicraft souvenirs. I should note that it is all duty-free. The best time to visit St Thomas US Virgin Islands U.S Virgin Islands is during VI Carnival, which takes place between April and May. The carnival belongs to the people of the island who owns the Virgins Islands, and it will give you the chance to experience the music, food, and interesting culture of the island. With all these activities and carnivals, you will not feel the running of the time in U.S Virgin Islands.

"Twin City"- St Croix 

man The geographical place where the Virgin Islands located was very important for traders and the islands' people. As it was well-known for its plantations and slave-trade, it became the center of the mix of European and African culture. St Croix is the best place to visit in Virgin Islands if you are looking for historical time-travel and cultural diversity. St Croix is a crossroads of cultures and spiritual center of the U.S Virgin Islands. The real treasure of the island is the people who owns the Virgin Islands. The locals are very warm and kind, so you will not feel like a stranger there. If you visit there, you will feel the frozen time in US Virgin Islands because of the colonial residences, slave quarters, and historical places to visit. These places will bring you the stories of heartbreaking past and the great liberation from slavery. If you are a gourmet of the boozes, one of the top places to visit in the world is Cruzan rum Distillery. You will find this place quite attractive if you are keen on tasting the island's historical flavors. Another most visited place on the US Virgin Islands map is the Estate Whim Museum, the single sugar plantation museum in the Virgin Islands. It is full of historical artifacts and remains a popular stop for history lovers. 

"Love City"- St John

coconut tree Ecotourism is one of the best assets of this island. St John has the best opportunities and places to visit if you are into hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, wildlife watching. It is one of the smallest islands of the U.S Virgin Islands, but it covers more than half of Virgin Islands National Park. The landscape consists of valleys, mountains, white-sand beaches, and coral reefs. These increase the number of festivals like "Full Moon Hike", St John Arts Festival "Coral Bay Thanksgiving Regatta" which takes place throughout the year. One of the most famous places there is Honeymoon Beach, where you can enjoy paddleboarding and kayaking. If you're into a more active vacation, St John is the best place to visit in Virgin Islands.  There are several historical places to visit there too. One of them is Annaberg Plantation. This place does have not only ruins to visit but also a spectacular view to enjoy. If you've not decided which island to visit in US Virgin Islands yet, visit all of them.

Melting Pot of the Caribbean

dragon fruit When it's about food, there is no one best place to visit in Virgin Islands because all of the places provide incredibly delicious food. The Virgin Islands are the top places to visit in the world regarding mixed cuisine. So, you can taste fresh coconuts, excellent rum, and tropical fruits. As life is all about the ocean there, see-food is the main diet, and you can try fresh fish and lobster. Additionally, as there are generations of African ancestors, the cuisine of it is available for you. If you've already visited the islands and have not tried them yet, do not forget to taste them when you visit Virgin Islands.  Music is essential in the local culture. You will listen to music that makes you want to dance here. You can hear folk music, calypso, reggaeton, reggae. The U.S Virgin Islands is the fusion of cultures in the Caribbean. So, try to explore that fusion and enjoy cultural art. You will forget how time in US Virgin Islands passed. As it seems that all of the islands offer everything that a tourist or a traveler would look for like culture, history, adventure, shopping, etc. That is why you will have the best time in US Virgin Islands. Next time when you question, "Where are the Virgin Islands?", the answer will be more than a geographical description. 

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