10 things you might not know about US Virgin Islands

10 things you might not know about US Virgin Islands

Shamil Hasanli05 December 2020847 views8 min. read
10 things you might not know about US Virgin Islands
Where are the Virgin Islands? Who owns the Virgin Islands? Although many people know this place, you may still ask where are the Virgin Islands. The islands are located on the Caribbean Sea. Who owns the Virgin Islands? The islands are divided into two groups, and each is under the control of different states. Therefore, there are the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. passport Nevertheless, the US Virgin Islands passport and the US Virgin Islands flag are distinctive from the US passport and flag. On the US Virgin Islands passport, you can see the writing of the US Virgin Islands. There is no president of Virgin Islands. The president of Virgin Islands is a governor appointed by the US president for the US Virgin Islands.  To visit Virgin Islands, you can book a cruise to US Virgin Islands sailing under the US Virgin Islands flag. If you look at the US Virgin Islands map, you will see US Virgin Islands resorts, US Virgin Islands airport, etc. However, the first thing you may see on the US Virgin Islands map is not US Virgin Islands airport; it is three big islands.  packing So, which island to visit in US Virgin Islands? On Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas you can find many US Virgin Islands resorts, where you can have a nice time in US Virgin Islands. When you visit Virgin Islands, you will enjoy the best place to visit in Virgin Islands, the National Park, or others.  cruise ships In this article, you will read about ten things to know before visit Virgin Islands. Also, you will find answers to your questions, such as where are the Virgin Islands, who is the president of Virgin Islands, who owns the Virgin Islands, what is the best place to visit in Virgin Islands, which island to visit in US Virgin Islands, what to know about the US Virgin Islands map, which US Virgin Islands resorts to go, is there the US Virgin Islands airport, what do the US Virgin Islands flag and the US Virgin Islands passport look like, is there any cruise to US Virgin Islands, how to spend an interesting time in US Virgin Islands, etc. 

1. History

books The first inhabitants of the Virgin Islands were Arawak and Taíno Indians from South America. Christopher Columbus discovered the islands on his second voyage and named them "Saint Ursula and the eleven thousand virgins." The Virgin Islands came into the possession of the Spaniards but were never settled. Around 1600 the Virgin Islands were used as hiding places by pirates and smugglers. A short time later, many of the residents died from diseases that were brought in. In the 17th century, the islands came into British and Danish possession before, after long fighting, they belonged again to Spain and Puerto Rico.

2. Travel time

october With an average temperature of around 26° C, the best time to travel to the American Virgin Islands is year-round. The rainy months from July to October are a small exception. During this travel time, there can be short and heavy rains. The advantage, however, is that it cools the air comfortably. The most popular travel time is between December and May, but prices are then also increased. For divers, April to August would be the best time to travel, as the calm sea at this time offers better visibility underwater.

3. Weather

sky A tropical to subtropical climate awaits you on the American Virgin Islands. The climate is pleasant by the steadily blowing east wind, which keeps the humidity low and ensures freshness so that even the very hot days in summer are still pleasant. The rainy season provides spontaneous freshness and cooling. Due to the deforestation, there is not much of the original vegetation on the Virgin Islands. However, exotic plants that were introduced thrive here.

4. Culture

us virgin islands The culture of the Virgin Islands is exotic due to the many different nationalities that have found their home here. The US Virgin Islands is made up of seven islands, including the Ta'u, Olosega, and Ofu. Both the latter islands are of volcanic origin and characterized by high peaks. The volcanoes have been inactive since 1911 and form a fascinating landscape. The lava tunnels are particularly interesting for tourists. Most of the islanders stay in small villages along the coast. They live from the fishing and agriculture that they maintain in the valleys of the nearby hills. Despite the modern influence of Western civilization, the Virgin Islands residents' life is still determined by their own traditional culture.

5. Cuisine

us virgin islands cuisine The tourist finds a cultural world cuisine on the Virgin Islands. Since 70% of the American Virgin Islands live depends on tourism, they have adjusted to this and offer the appropriate menus. The holidaymaker will find local specialities prepared from fish, seafood, and local vegetables as well as French, Italian, and Chinese creations. In larger towns, you can also find fast-food restaurants and steakhouses. If you want to enjoy the local cuisine, you should go to a restaurant in rural areas. They like to serve Creole specialities and a delicious fruit cocktail with Cruzan rum for dessert.

6. Attractions

us virgin islands attraction The national parks are among the most beautiful sights in the US Virgin Islands. Annaberg and Trunk Bay are the most popular tourist destinations. This is no wonder considering the splendour of the white beaches and the incredibly shining turquoise blue sea. The underwater world is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. The offshore Virgin Islands coral reefs are a "National Monument," a must for all underwater fans. You will have a great time in US Virgin Islands

7. Saint John National Park

us virgin islands night The National Park of St. John is known throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty. Its territory includes sheltered bays with clear and crystalline waters, with shades from blue to green and rich in marine life thanks to the coral reef. There is no shortage of white beaches in the shade of trees, coconut palms, and tropical forests - an ideal habitat for over 800 species of plants. In addition to these idyllic natural resources are the remains of pre-Columbian civilizations, the Indians, the ruins of the Danish sugar cane plantations from the colonial times, and the reminiscences of African slavery and the culture that have developed in the 100 years after emancipation.

8. Charlotte Amalie

charlotte amalie This is the fascinating capital city, which knows how to seduce you with its colonial architecture and its luxury shops. It owes its name to Carlotta Amalia d'Assia-Kassel, the wife of the Danish King Chrisitan V. It presents itself as a lively and dynamic city, famous for its port, once the protagonist of pirate attacks and now a resting place for numerous cruise ships. It is about 13 miles long and only 8 meters wide: In substance, the size is comparable to that of Manhattan. Narrow cobblestone street with old Danish names, colonial halls made of antique terracotta and coral stone that could withstand the winds and cyclones as well as the erosion of centuries and brackish. Alleys. They are traversed by a sweet tropical breeze, old walls, old bricks, and stone stairs. The coast stretches for about 2 kilometres and consists of a four-lane road that is used day and night, always and everywhere. It is the only one on the island that serves as a dock for yachts and a cruise to US Virgin Islands on one side and as a walkway with cafes and restaurants, banks and shops on the other.

9. Coral World Ocean Park

fish It is probably the best place to visit in Virgin Islands. Coral World is the best family attraction in the US Virgin Islands. The integrated marine park shows to a large extent the natural habitat of many beings, and both inside and outside, you can observe the underwater creatures in their diverse and rich nature. The interactive aspect of the attraction is what sets this park apart. You can feed sharks, turtles, and stingrays, get close to iguanas and baby sharks or visit Oscar, the sea lion who shows tricks in front of the audience. One of the most popular attractions in the park is the Deep Reef Tank, filled with almost 190,000 litres of water, which is home to some of the world's most dangerous predators, including moray eels, tarpon, and sharks.

10. Saint Croix

us virgin islands landscape Which island to visit in US Virgin Islands? Saint Croix is the largest of the American Virgin Islands. The secret lies in its diversity. The mountains, the rainforest, the hills with farms and fields, the beaches, and the two colonial cities protected the historical and cultural heritage. A mixture of "calm" and Caribbean vibrancy, the union of the simplicity and convenience of the old world, and modern comfort. It is the right place to find relaxation and forget the stress of city life. St. Croix is an ideal place for couples in love and people looking for peace.

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