10 reasons why you should travel to New Caledonia right now

Kanan Isazade29 October 20202235 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to New Caledonia right now

If you are searching for a place to have an unforgettable summer vacation, then you are in the right place. Today, we will talk about New Caledonia. In this blog, you will learn where is New Caledonia, how to travel to New Caledonia, what is the best time to travel to New Caledonia, how is the New Caledonia weather, what is the New Caledonia capital, what is the meaning of colors on the New Caledonia flag, and more.

Basics of New Caledonia

noumea city

Where is New Caledonia? New Caledonia is a French territory in the southwest Pacific Ocean, and New Caledonia capital is Noumea. New Caledonia has 18,576 square km and a nearly 290,000 population. We can say that it has two different flags. Of course, one of them is the flag of France, and another one is the unofficial New Caledonia flag. The New Caledonia flag has three colors blue, red, and green. Blue represents the sky, red stands for blood and socialism, and green represents the area. As the state belongs to France, the official language is French, and the official monetary unit is the CFP franc. How to travel to New Caledonia? Of course, the best way to travel to New Caledonia is by airplane. Aircalin is the country's national airline, and you can connect flights to New Caledonia from various cities. Other airlines that have flights are Qantas, Air New Zealand, British Airways, and more.

1. New Caledonia weather

kanumera beach

One of the best reasons to visit this place is New Caledonia weather. The country has a semi-tropical climate that creates a magnificent environment for the summer holidays. The average temperature is 24 Celsius, and it drops to 22 Celsius in June, July, and August. What about warmer seasons? The warm season in New Caledonia is December, January, February, and March. During this period temperature is 28 Celsius and up. What is the best time to travel to New Caledonia? Undoubtedly, it entirely depends on your vacation plans. For example, June, September, and October are the best times for a honeymoon. If you want to dive, then the best time to travel to New Caledonia is between June to October.

2. Delicious cuisine

angel prawns

As New Caledonia belongs to France, we can see the French influence in all subjects, and cuisine is no exception. There is a mix of French and local cuisine, and it creates a wide range. The main ingredients of cuisine are fish, manioc, coconut milk, notou, escargots, crab, fruits, etc. Such as in other island countries, kinds of seafood are the most essential part of the local diet. New Caledonia offers meals of more than 300 fish, and depending on your taste, you can prefer raw, grilled, or poached fish. The second most used ingredient in meals is fruits. What are the most tasteful meals in New Caledonia cuisine? There are plenty of delicious meals, and some that I recommend are Bougna (chicken, lobster, or fish mixed with root vegetables such as yams, coconut milk, wrapped up in banana leaves), Mangrove oysters and crab, Bulime, Venison.

3. Stay with a local family

hut  in lifou island

If the daily lifestyle of residents is exciting for you, you can stay with them for several days. It is the best and funniest way to learn the local culture, traditions, and more. You can sleep in Melanesian huts, work on a farm, prepare and have meals with them, and more. Spending time with local families will give you a chance to learn the gap between generations, their goals, ambitions, and more. Maybe, they will be your second family, and you will never forget this time in New Caledonia.

4. Beautiful beaches and lagoon

new caledonia beach

New Caledonia has plenty of beaches with hypnotizing beauty. Depending on your preferences you can go to the beach in the city or on the island. Noumea New Caledonia offers an unforgettable beach experience in Anse Vata, Baie des Citrons, Rocher a la Voile, Cote Blanche, and Kuendu Beach. Each of these beaches has its advantages. For example, Anse Vata is the windiest seashore in Noumea New Caledonia, and that is why every year, thousands of windsurfing fans come here. You can also try it, but if you do not want such kind of adrenaline, you can prefer a boat or kayak trip. Moreover, do not forget to visit an aquarium between Baie des Citrons and Anse Vata Bay. They have several rooms for visitors, where you can observe rich biodiversity.

5. Museums in New Caledonia

view of tjibaou cultural centre

It is undeniable that one of the best places to learn about the culture and history of nations is museums. We are lucky that New Caledonia has plenty of museums with many exciting artifacts and collections. Most of those museums are in New Caledonia capital: the New Caledonia Museum (rich with collections of kayak art and other South Pacific cultural artifacts), the City Museum (mostly artifacts related to Noumea history), the Maritime Museum of New Caledonia (ship photos, ship miniatures, sailor dresses), and the Second World War Museum. Besides the city museums, there are island museums, such as the Bourail Museum (colonial history), the Tiebaghi village, etc. Furthermore, there is a museum festival in May, and it is free to enter the museums during this festival.

6. Outdoor activities

orange canoe on the river

Another reason to travel to New Caledonia is outdoor activities. The best outdoor activity to have a wonderful time in New Caledonia is hiking. There are many rivers, waterfalls, forests, ancient villages to explore. You can go hiking alone, or you may prefer to travel under a guide for safety and to get detailed information. Another way of having an exciting time in New Caledonia is horse riding. There are spots where you can wear cowboy dresses and ride horses. Experiencing the Caledonia style of cowboy life will be unforgettable for you. Locating on a seashore makes various water activities reachable. The best one among all of them is going to discover the Forgotten Coast, which is reachable only through the sea. If it seems so challenging for you, you can prefer canoeing in Prony Bay, the Blue River Park, the Dumbea River, the Yate Lake, and other destinations.

7. The dream destination for golf fans

flag on a green grass

All golf lovers know that beautiful courses make the game much more enjoyable. So, if you want to play golf and enjoy nature, then you should travel to New Caledonia. The country suggests various charming spots for golf lovers. For example, at Deva and Tina, you can play in front of the hypnotizing beauty of the Pacific Ocean, or you may prefer to play in Dumbea next to the river. Above all, your professional level is not crucial to play here; it is for everyone. Choose a 9 or 18 holes game and appreciate the game. Also, there are some classes for people who want to improve their skills. Spending several weeks in New Caledonia can increase you from amateur to mid-level golf player. Although New Caledonia offers a golf experience for everyone, some courses are only for masters. One of them is the 17th hole of Garden Golf de Dumbea. It is one of the longest and complicated ones in all Pacific. Another one is Golf de Tina in Noumea New Caledonia. Eastern winds of the Golf de Tina make the course challenging. Other golf areas that we can recommend are Exclusiv Golf Deva, Ouenghi Golf, and Pacific Golf driving range.

8. Amazing capital

noumea city

The capital of New Caledonia is a spectacular destination for a vacation. A mix of European and local cultures creates a charming atmosphere for travelers. The city has everything for tourist cafes, restaurants, hotels, beaches, bars, shops, etc. Besides all activities, the most exciting one is exploring Noumea. In the capital, you will find plenty of colonial buildings, examples of local culture, modern structures, and more. Another fascinating way to explore the tourist destinations of the city is a little tourist train. It follows a route in which you will observe all the key sights of Noumea.

9. Excellent area for couples

le meridien

Are you newly married and planning your honeymoon? Before making a decision, check out the endless features of New Caledonia. Just imagine crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, endless adventures, and more. Even thinking is enough to have goosebumps. We have already mentioned plenty of destinations on our list, but it is not the end of the beauties that you will find there. One of the most crucial points about a honeymoon is the place to stay. Some of the best hotels in New Caledonia are Le Meridien Ile des Pins, Oure Lodge Beach Resort, Nouvata, Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Noumea. Some of these hotels are in the city center, and some of them are on the islands. Which one do you prefer?

10. Festivals and fairs

traditional musical performance

The last reason and maybe the most essential for many readers are festivals and fairs in New Caledonia. There are many fairs, but the weird one for us is the Bancoule Worm Festival. At this festival, people go to find small creatures on the island, and after that, they organize worm-eating competitions. Two plates and ten worms in each of them, and the speedest one will be the winner. Besides, there are many fairs and festivals such as Avacado Festival, Giant Omelette Festival and etc. But the most well-known among all of them is the Fair of Bourail. It is a rodeo that attracts all citizens.

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