10 things you might not know about Saint Martin

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10 things you might not know about Saint Martin

Tropical Caribbean countries are among the top-notch tourist destinations. Sometimes, travel enthusiasts prefer visiting the lesser-known Caribbean islands instead of popular touristy cities. Saint Martin is a pretty well-known touristic place that you would love to visit and explore. Therefore, it is worth knowing some facts about Saint Martin. Where is Saint Martin? It is located in the north-eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. In fact, Saint Martin is an island divided by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the French Republic. What colors are on the Saint Martin flag? The flag of the Republic of France flies over the French part of Saint Martin island. Therefore, the Saint Martin flag also symbolizes the French culture and history. How to travel to Saint Martin? There are many international flights to Saint Martin from major American and European airports. What is the major Saint Martin airport? Grand Case Airport is the main Saint Martin airport that receives dozens of flights every week via European and American airlines. Travel to Saint Martin is pretty convenient for European citizens because the government does not require a visa for Europeans. As we have learned some basic information about Saint Martin, it is time to answer the question of what to do in Saint Martin. Also, you may want to learn interesting facts about the most famous tourist destinations, picturesque places, and activities on the island. In this blog article, we talk about the fun things to do and places to visit in Saint Martin that will make your tropical Caribbean vacation unforgettable.

Affordable high-class hotels

flamingo beach resort

Where to stay in Saint Martin? You can experience the luxurious tropical vacation at its best, thanks to the high-quality hotels on the island. The hotels are not far from Saint Martin airport. You will not need to worry about where to stay in Saint Martin and not need to look for houses or hostels because the hotels on the island are quite pocket-friendly. Orient Bay is home to the best hotels in Saint Martin. The Rock, Princess Camille, Villa Sunrise, Hotel La Plantation, and others offer great services. Barbecue facilities, luxurious terraces, open-air swimming pools, etc., are among the best you can get while enjoying your vacation. Also, the rooms are equipped with high-quality stuff. You can access the list of the best hotels in Saint Martin via various mobile applications and websites. Also, you may compare prices according to the services.

Thrilling zipline experience

zip  line

What to do in Saint Martin? Well, an exciting zip line flight through wild Caribbean nature would be a great idea. Saint Martin island is home to wild hills and tropical rainforests. The local tourism industry has created zip lines between the hills as an entertaining and famous tourist activity. One of the most interesting facts about Saint Martin is that it is home to the steepest zip line in the world. Therefore, when you attend the zip line flight, get ready for the high speed and fuel your adrenaline beforehand! No need to think about safety as the zip lines in Saint Martin are perfectly safe and well equipped. Some hotels are near the most well-known zip line centers. Also, you can join zip line tours where both local and foreign tourists frequently attend. It is important to get proper instructions before the zip line experience. Ziplining will be one of the most exciting experiences of your vacation in Saint Martin.

Learn how to make French perfume

luxury perfumes

Have you ever made a perfume for yourself? You will have a chance to learn how to make a high-quality perfume during your Caribbean tropical vacation. In Saint Martin, there are several perfume shops that produce and sell French perfume with unique scents. Local shops get pleasant scents from unique flowers and plants grown only in Saint Martin. Perfume shops are among the most special places to visit in Saint Martin. You can attend classes where the professional locals will teach you the techniques of making French perfume. The classes are pretty affordable and short that will teach you the techniques in a few days. Also, you can get locally produced perfumes from the best hotels in Saint Martin. French perfume would be a great gift that will remind you and your beloved ones of Saint Martin.

Hiking up to the Pic Paradis

pic paradis

Pic Paradis is the highest peak on Saint Martin island. Hiking through the wild tropical rainforests will take you to the Pic Paradis. While hiking, you will have dozens of chances to explore the tropical nature of the island. Iguanas and macaws will amaze you with their unique living conditions, eating habits, and colors. You will also be very surprised to see vanilla orchids and rubber trees during your hiking trip. When you reach the top, it will be worth spending time and energy hiking because you will see the best views of Saint Martin while standing on glorious Pic Paradis.

Astonishing Butterfly Farm

butterflies in saint martin

The gorgeous gardens of the Butterfly Farm are among the most colorful places to visit in Saint Martin. The Saint Martin government has delicately designed the Butterfly Farm in order to preserve flora and fauna. The butterflies of many kinds amaze visitors with their colors and unique patterns. In fact, the Butterfly Farm owes its diversity and amazing colors to the unique flora of the Saint Martin Gardens. The beautiful flowers of the gardens attract the majestic butterflies of the island. The Butterfly Farm is a unique tourist destination that attracts the most number of visitors in spring.

Pristine white sand beaches

pristine white sand

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Another thing you would definitely love about Saint Martin is its white sand tropical beaches. Saint Martin island is home to dozens of beaches alongside the shore of the Caribbean Sea. Most beaches are freely available for local and foreign tourists. As the beaches are part of hotel areas, you do not need to pay additional fees for beach services. If you want to decide where to stay in Saint Martin, we would advise you to choose hotels near the beaches. Anse Marcel, Oyster Pond, and Grand Case are top-notch and most famous beach destinations. Many beaches include entertainment centers such as casinos, snorkeling spots, and lobster hunting areas. You have a chance to enjoy romantic moments with your family members during tropical sunsets. The pristine white sand of Caribbean beaches is also great for walking.

Marina shopping in Marigot

arial view of marigot

What to do in Saint Martin? Well, marina shopping in Marigot would be an excellent idea. The capital of French Saint Martin is the town of Marigot. The capital town is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The government of Saint Martin has built a magnificent marina in Marigot. The marina features beautiful hotels, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. You can find locally made handicrafts and Saint Martin flag souvenirs in the marina. Also, many globally well-known clothing brands are available in the shops. Marina is a perfect spot for buying gifts for your family members and beloved friends. Moreover, bars and restaurants that serve traditional Saint Martin food and beverages are top-notch in the marina. You should definitely taste local French coffee during your time in Marigot. Marina will definitely be one of the best things you will adore about Saint Martin.

Best time of the year to visit Saint Martin

saint martin

One of the interesting facts about Saint Martin is that the island features a tropical savanna climate. The dry season in Saint Martin is between January and April. Most rains fall from August to December. The best time of the year to travel to Saint Martin is mainly the spring and summer seasons. The dry weather will create perfect conditions for enjoying tropical beaches. The dry climate will also not disturb your marina shopping experience. The spring and summer seasons are also perfect for hiking. The rainy season can create difficulties for hiking, snorkeling, and other tourist activities.

Scuba diving at its best

scuba diving

During your time on Saint Martin island, you will experience Caribbean scuba diving at its best. The clear water of the Caribbean Sea creates the perfect condition for diving. You can get diving equipment, clothing, and instructions before beginning. Local tourism agencies organize daily diving tours where local and foreign tourists attend for very affordable prices. While diving, you will have dozens of chances to explore the unique marine life, flora, and fauna of the Caribbean Sea.

Get ready for adventurous jet skiing

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During most times of the year, the Caribbean water around the island is quite calm. Therefore, the beaches alongside Saint Martin island are perfect for water sports such as jet skiing. If you are new in jet skiing, you can easily get instructions from professionals. Jet skiing is a perfectly safe water sport that will entertain you a lot. Also, renting a jet skiing vehicle is quite affordable.

A quick recap of this blog

st maarten

In this blog, we have talked about traveling to one of the best tropical destinations in the Caribbean region. We have answered the following questions: Where is Saint Martin? Where can we find flights to Saint Martin? What tourist activities can we enjoy during our tropical vacation in this Caribbean French island? This blog has hopefully informed you a lot about the perfect tropical vacation. After you have found out where is Saint Martin, you can arrange flights to Saint Martin and have a summer holiday that you will never forget.

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