12 Instagrammable places in Apia

Fatima Mammadova06 November 2020999 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Apia
Samoa but also the cultural, industrial, and economic centre of this state. But this article is not intended to tell you about the capital of Samoa thoroughly; this article is intended to tell you about the sights of this city, as well as try to take you to this city and enjoy all its beauty. There are plenty of places to visit in Apia, a lot of Instagrammable places, so your Instagram will be full of beautiful places. After reading this article, you will know what to do in Samoa Apia and how to find Instagrammable places there. First of all, do you know where is Apia? Apia is the capital of Samoa, the only city in Samoa that is its main port. Apia is located on the coastal plain of the northern part of Upolu Island, surrounded by wooded mountains. It has a warm tropical maritime climate with frequent hurricanes. In this article, we will tell you about Instagrammable places, so while travelling, you will not need to think about where and how to find Instagrammable places. You will not only have a good time in Apia but also get the most liked Instagram photos. So, let's start!

1. Old Catholic Church

catholic church The first and perhaps the most eminent landmark of Apia is the old Catholic Church, which was built in the western area of the capital of Samoa. This church is a truly magnificent building; it makes people come to it, look at it, admire it. The height of the church is amazing - it is about ninety meters! Also, tourists are attracted by its facing - Gothic columns and vaults, as well as stucco, which in the entire existence of the church was restored only five or six times! Also, tourists love the large windows of this church, the size of which is so large that two adults can stand in full height if they are placed on top of each other.

2. Vailima

robert louis stevenson grave You should definitely visit the suburb of the capital, Vailima, which houses the legendary estate and the grave of the famous English writer Lewis Stevenson, author of the novel "Treasure Island". At one time, residents gave him the nickname "tusitala", that is, "storyteller." Not far from the house where the writer lived there is a square, where he found his last refuge. On a massive tombstone, the words from Stevenson's favourite elegy are engraved: "The sailor from the seas has returned home, the Hunter from the mountains has returned home. He is where he was going for a long time."

3. Festival of divers

beautiful samoan lady Don't you know what to do in Samoa Apia? If you arrived in the capital in August, then you have an excellent opportunity to get to the grand festival of divers. Polynesians compete with each other in swimming, diving, and rowing. There are many interesting contests, theatrical performances, residents demonstrate national costumes and dances, which are very Instagrammable. Visiting this festival, you will have an unforgettable time in Apia!

4. September Teuila festival

fire dancer One of the places to visit in Apia is the September Teuila festival. Nothing can be compared with the September Teuila festival. This is a real parade of traditional Polynesian culture. The islanders arrange mass festivities, dances, choral singing is heard from everywhere. If you wish, you can learn the national sivu dance or compete with local racers at the regatta by riding a fautasi - a long and narrow canoe. For sure, it should be saved in your Instagram!

5. Christian Church

interior of immaculate conception of mary cathedral Christian Church, houses the relics of John Williams, a reverend and missionary who was one of the first to come to the islands. The Christian church is also very beautiful, but, alas, photographing it is prohibited, both outside and inside. But you can buy photographs with her image in any shop selling souvenirs.

6. Anglican Church

sunlight projected on the church benches The next attraction is the Anglican Church, which is famous for its magnificent stained glass windows. These beautiful stained glass windows make tourists stare and photograph this church. The Anglican Church is slightly inferior in size to the Catholic Church, but it is much older than it - the Anglican Church was built in one thousand six hundred and fifty-two!

7. Piula

piula cave pool Don't you have the most liked Instagram photo? So, Piula is one of the most Instagrammable places in the world! You need to visit Piula! Piula is a freshwater body of water on the Pacific coast near the Methodist chapel in Piula, on the north coast of Upolu Island, Samoa. It is one of the worthy places to visit in Apia. Piula is located in Lufilufy in Atua district, 26 km east of the capital, along the coastal road. It is a wonderful cave with clear, fresh water! It would be a great place to swim on a hot day.

8. Papaseea Sliding Rock

papaseea sliding rock Copyright: @maeve_ell Papaseea Sliding Rock is situated at Se' ese 'e in Faleata District. Brave Mother Nature's waterslides and slide down these produced rock slides, worn down by thousands of years of flowing water. The sliding rocks are separated into two, one for kids and one for adults. Travellers and guests are using this splendid site for swimming and sliding. There are one 5 meter slide and three shorter ones at the base of the steps for sliding and swimming. One of the most affordable places in Samoa, Papase' ea is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. Alcohol is prohibited in this Instagrammable place. Tourists are advised regarding their belongings and valuables to be locked in their vehicles or be left with the Women's Committee that will be on duty before heading down the pool. Toilets and change room amenities are accessible in the parking area.

9. Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

underwater view Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is situated in just 5 minutes' walk from the centre of Samoa's capital. The white and sandy sea stretches out, fringed with palms and lapped by pure, lucid water. Can you imagine: another day in paradise? You dive in—swim out from the coast and over the reef and find for yourself another world. İt is one of Samoa's best-kept mysteries: the unique natural beauty that is Palolo Deep. Enjoy this beauty and get the most liked Instagram photo!

10. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

exterior of robert louis stevenson museum There are several museums in the place where is Apia situated. This museum is the ancient home of the author that has been restored to its memorable day with some of the author's work and family memorabilia. Robert Louis Stevenson is well-known for his various books which consist of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Originally from Scotland and he was known as the man with great 'manas'. Due to his numerous positive interactions with the local population, he became a very eminent person to the locals that knew him. He passed away on December 3, 1894, at the age of 44. His co-workers and people that worked for him buried him on top of Mount Vaea (within Vailima) at a spot overlooking the sea.

11. Upolu Island

vibrant tall papapapaitai falls There are a lot of islands in the place where is Apia located. One of these places is Upolu, which is one of the highly Instagrammable places in the world. The island is mountainous, along its entire length the Upolu ridge stretches, formed from examples of extinct volcanoes. For tourists who love secluded relaxation, a favourite place is the southeastern coast of Upolu Island. There are many inconspicuous beaches hidden among mountains, near the coast - the elevated islands of the four uninhabited islands of Aleipata, famous for their rich underwater world and nesting places for many seabirds.

12. Manono

manono island Copyright: @mariawanderings Manono is one of the Instagrammable islands, which you need to visit if you come to Apia. Manono is one of the four inhabited islands of Western Samoa, located in the Apolim Strait, and has an area of only 3 km². The population is only 889 and is almost evenly distributed among four villages: Apai, Faleu, Lepuia'i, and Salua. The small volcanic islet of Manono is practically unknown outside the country itself. Despite this, it is fraught with wealth and interesting opportunities for recreation. In the West Bank, which is indented by lagoons and bays with clear blue water, you can always swim, sunbathe or go snorkelling - exotic species of fish live here. To more deeply immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the island, you can completely immerse yourself in local life. Taste the local cuisine from the umu earthen stove, go fishing with the villagers, stay overnight in the open halyard and chat with the islanders, who will be happy to show you how they weave, prepare food, pick fruits, and spend their free time. In addition to natural beauty, the island has historical monuments, the most famous of which are the "Star Mound" on the top of Mount Tulimanuywa and the "Tomb of 99 Stones", which were created in the IX-XI centuries AD.e. We are sure that after reading this article, you've already known what to do in Samoa Apia, how to find Instagrammable places in Apia, and get the most liked Instagram photo! Have the best time in Apia, but search places not only for Instagrammable photos but also for unforgettable memories because your Instagram account can be hacked, but your memories can not!

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