12 Instagrammable places in Funafuti

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12 Instagrammable places in Funafuti

Do you have information about the capital of the world's 4th smallest country? Today, we are going to talk about the underrated jewel of the west-central Pacific Ocean, Funafuti, Tuvalu. Finding information about Tuvalu and Funafuti can be very challenging. If you have a dream to travel to Tuvalu, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will learn where is Funafuti, what are Instagrammable places on Funafuti island, how to get more followers on Instagram, and more.

Where is Funafuti?

vaiaku pinned on geographical map

Funafuti is the atoll and the capital of the country, which is located in the west-central Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu. The entire area of the city is 2,4square km, and the total population is approximately 7000. Funafuti consists of 29 islets, and the biggest one is Fongafale. The other two big islets are Funafala in the south and Amatuku in the north. Which language to use on Funafuti island? English and Tuvalu language are the main languages of the city. As locals know English, it will be easy to communicate and go around. Which currency to use on Funafuti island? The official monetary unit of Tuvalu is the Australian Dollar. There is another currency called the Tuvaluan Dollar, but it is not an independent currency. 

How to get more followers on Instagram?


Let's imagine that you are a travel blogger or a travel lover, and you want to find an answer to this question: how to get more followers on Instagram? First of all, you should uncover the most suitable theme for you, and after you can begin to produce curious content for subscribers. In this matter, you will need to know some great spots to create this memorable content. Where is Funafuti the most attractive place? We will give 12 outstanding Instagrammable places, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. Funafuti Marine Conservation Area

funafuti atoll conservation area

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area is one of the most well-known Instagrammable spots in the whole of the atoll. The Marine Conservation area covers 33 square km and consists of 6 isles. The marine ecosystem of the conservation area includes reef, lagoon, channel, and ocean. The Conservation Area is home to many various species, such as different kinds of fish, corals, algae, and invertebrates. Also, this is the nesting place of some animals, such as the Green Sea Turtle, Black Noddy. Besides Green Sea Turtles, there are other sea turtle species, such as the Hawksbill sea turtle, the Leatherback sea turtle. Furthermore, Tiger shark, Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Skipjack tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Giant Trevally, The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, and other marine species choose this land as a home. It is necessary to note that fish richness of the site doesn't mean that fishing is allowed. 

Here you can take many photos and videos to share on Instagram, no doubt that one of them will be your most liked Instagram photo. We recommend you to take part in marine tours and get detailed information about the mesmerizing and rich biodiversity of the Funafuti Marine Conservation Area.

If you are interested in biology and flora, we have great news for you. Funafuti has a rich flora, too. Some of which we can mention are Fala, Puka, Futu, Fetau, Ferra, Lakoumonong, Lou, Meili, Milo, Sageta, Pukavai, and more.

2. World War 2 sites


World War 2 is one of the most touching and tragic moments in human history. More than 80 million people died during this war. Today, we can see many memories from those days, and one of them is in Funafuti. You can see many ships and plane wrecks in Nanumea, Fongafale, and Motulalo. Moreover, there is a well-saved bunker on the islet of Tepuka. You can take part in tours to those places and learn priceless facts about the war, residents, Tuvaluan soldiers who were there, and more. Don't forget to take photos of that Instagrammable crashes and share them on Instagram.

3. Funafala


Copyright: @anudiandaus

Funafula is the second-most populated island of Funafuti. If Tuvaluan culture and traditions are exciting for you, you can visit this island. As you know, in the modern world, it is hard to find areas which keep its traditional lifestyle. Funafula is one of those rare destinations. Here you will see a lot of Instagrammable houses that have the conventional Polynesian style with thatched rooftops. Further, we can see that people keep their traditional lifestyle. Since the past, fishing has played an essential role in the economy of Tuvalu, and during your visit, you will catch plenty of fishing boats. Maybe, you can try to go fishing with them. It would be a great memory. 

4. Fongafale

vaiaku fongafale

As we mentioned, there are 29 islets in Funafuti, and Fongafale is the largest one. Fongafale has four villages: Alapi, Fakai Fou, Senala, and Vaiaku. Further, this islet has enormous importance for Tuvalu because the only airport in the country is here, Funafuti International Airport. Fiji Airways has three direct flies to Funafuti each week, and each flight lasts 3 hours. You will do something between 120-750 depending on the season. Another company that has flights to Tuvalu is Air Kiribati. It has flights each Wednesday, but not a reliable one. How to travel here? You can rent a car or motorbike to travel in Fongafale. Besides air and land travel, boat trips are also possible. You may have trips around the island, and you can travel to the outer parts of the island by boat. During your trip, you can capture plenty of Instagrammable places. Maybe, one of them will be your most liked Instagram photo.

5. The National Bank of Tuvalu

tuvalu coin

First of all, we want to say that there is not any financial authority or central bank in Tuvalu. So, The National Bank of Tuvalu (shortly NBT) performs some financial duties for the administration. Locals and tourists make deposits, loans, and foreign exchange transactions in The National Bank of Tuvalu. That is why this bank is so crucial for you. Unfortunately, ATM or card facilities are not available in the country. The only place where you can exchange money is the National bank of Tuvalu. Undoubtedly, you will visit this place during your travel to Tuvalu.

6. Teone Church

teone church

Teone Church ( also known as a Catholic Church of Teone or the Catholic Center of Teone) is the only church of the Latin Catholic Mission Sui Iuris of Funafuti. Although the church is small, it is the most important religious place in the country. Maybe, when we compare it with other churches around the world, it may not seem so attractive to you, but it would be exciting to visit the only Latin Catholic church in Tuvalu. Moreover, you may get unknown facts about the religious view of people from Funafuti, and you can take some images for your Instagram

7. Tuvalu National Library and Archives

Do you want to travel to Tuvalu and learn about the cultural, social, and political heritage of the country? Tuvalu National Library and Archives is the place that you need. The government started a pilot project in 2005 to collect colonial and after colonial information. They collected 70,343 image files, 1,276 documents, and 55 reels of microfilms. Government still tries to make some developments in this field. One of them is to build a new building for the archive.

8. Tepuka


Another small islet is Tepuka, which is attractive for a well-preserved underground bunker. This islet is 18 km away from Fongafale, in the northwest of Funafuti. Another exciting fact is about the origin of the word, Tepuka. Actually, it is the name of the plant, which is called the Hernandia peltate. Besides, Tepuka is to the north of the Funafuti Conservation Area and is home of gecko (lizard type).

9. Tuvalu Sports Ground

tuvalu sports ground

Copyright: @mundo.dos.estadios

Tuvalu Sports Ground is the only stadium in Tuvalu. The stadium holds 1,500 people. This stadium is multi-use, but mostly, rugby and football matches took place here. Many tournaments such as A-Division, Independence Cup, NBT Cup, Tuvalu Games, and Christmas Cup are held here. Also, in 2008 the government started a renewable energy project, and they installed a 40 kW solar panel on the roof of the Tuvalu Sports Ground. The government wants to increase this potential to 60 kW. Watching football and rugby matches here would be exciting, and you can take your most liked Instagram photo in Tuvalu Sports Ground.

10. Funamanu

Funamanu is a narrow island in the 2.6 miles southwest of the southwest tip of Funafuti. This small island is renowned for coconut trees that grow 70 feet high. Time by time, some tropical cyclones damage the area, and one of them took place in 1972. It affected plenty of destinations, and Funamanu was one of them. Despite such kind of troubles, tourists love to visit Funamanu, to enjoy the charming nature.

11. The Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu

Most of the People from Funafuti is Christian, and The Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu (commonly known as a Church of Tuvalu) is one of the few churches in the country. Major national events took place in this temple. Classification of this temple is Protestant (is the second largest form of Christianity). Moreover, The Church operates as a Fetuvalu Secondary School. This school is for both boys and girls, and almost 200 students from Funafuti study here.

12. Restaurants

tuvalu food

Desire to try new savours makes us travel around the world. Such as under nations, Tuvalu has its cuisine. In Funafuti, you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can try delicious meals from the local cuisine. The most popular meal is Pulaka, and we consult you to try this delicious meal. Furthermore, give a chance to fish and crab meals.

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