10 reasons why you should travel to Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) right now
The Falkland Islands has an interesting location. The Islands are miles away from Argentina, but it belongs to England and ruled according to British law. Even the Falkland Islands flag resembles the Britain flag in some sense. The essence of the islands is its geographical situation – closeness to Antarctica. The Falkland Islands is an archipelago, comprises two vast – East Falkland, West Falkland Islands, and more than 770 smaller islands. The majority of the Falkland Islands population was not born on the island and comprised Norwegian, French, British, Spanish, and Argentine descendants. Even today, in these countries, most people know how to travel to Falkland Islands. Because of the Falkland Islands weather, this island is home to many animal and bird species. Penguins, seals, and a variety of birds live, breed in the Falkland Islands. The culture of native people is similar to British culture, and the Falkland Islands language is English. Do you know where are the Falkland Islands are? In this blog, I will tell you ten reasons why and how you should travel to Falkland Islands.

1. Visiting Stanley

stanley Stanley is the capital of Falkland Islands. This city is the most remote capital and probably sparse capital on earth. Only 2000 people are living in Stanley. The location of the capital is the harbor of the sea. You can see many different kinds of ships. In old times, this place was a harbor for normal and steam engined ships. You can see many old ships and Falkland islands flag on them as a part of history even today. Tourists always visit wrecks that represent Falkland island's history and culture. Even on these wrecks, there are uniquely designed houses. Most buildings show the military ruling of the country in the past. For tourists' convenience, there is a "tourist house" that welcomes people who travel to Falkland Islands. The red roof building emerges even before you approach the islands. For most people, "where are the Falkland islands" is the same as asking about the red building in the Atlantic Ocean. From the shores of the ocean, you can see the Falkland Islands flag. From the harbor, there is a picturesque view. Falkland island weather is mild and although locating seaside. You can see a lot of dolphins, even sailing near to boats. In one spot of the area, penguins live in a flock, which is a traveling reason for nature lovers.

2. To see Pebble Island

pebble islands This island has long beaches alongside 31 km of the land-sea cross-section. This island is a home for unique pebbles, and they gave their name to the island. The Falkland island population climbs mountains to pick precious jewelry. The Falkland Islands landscape on this island is different from others. The island consists of moorlands, barren cliffs, ponds, and wetlands. A variety of animals settled here, especially in cliffs there are a wide range of birds settled. Elusive bird species are living in the deeper part of the island and in an eye distance for local artisans. A unique southern sea lion lives in Pebble Island too. Travel to Falkland Islands is more than seeing beautiful. It includes witnessing living history. You will not need to translate historical events from artifacts because the Falkland Islands language is English. In the Falkland Islands, you might see several aircraft dated back to war with the British. The historical importance of artifacts is reminiscent of conflict with the British. 

3. Amazing Carcass Islands

penguins Carcass Islands family is situated in the northwest of island. This island has unique sorts of birds that you cannot see on other islands. It is proof that birds do not need navigation; they certainly know how to travel to Falkland Islands. Another great side of traveling to Falkland islands is penguin flocks. In the southern part of the carcass island, you can see many penguins breeding. Other birds habituated in Carcass Islands, and Falkland islands weather allows many animals to breed here. Flowery mountains by the seaside make hiking precious in the Carcass islands. Wanna have a picnic? Dunes or beaches might be a great spot for a picnic? 

4. Hike in the Sealion island

sealion Sealion island is just 5 miles long in the Falkland archipelago. The Falkland Islands population settled mostly in the southern part of the island. Regardless of the little area covered, biodiversity is high on this island. Up to 48 kinds of birds made Sea lion island their home. You can find Rockhopper, Gentoo, and Magellanic Penguins on the Island. Another bird - The striated Caracara is one of the rarest birds and almost impossible to be caught. Many bird specialists came here to observe birds. The place is famous among photographers too. Another wonder of the Island is Southern Elephant seals, which are indigenously habitant in Sealion island. They breed and lay eggs in the southern part of the island, known as Elephant seal spots. Why not travel to Falkland Islands to see unique Elephant seals?

5. Volunteer point

penguins This place is approximately 2 hours away from the capital of Falkland islands - Stanley. For some tourists, the Falkland Islands landscape is a great place to observe wildlife. People who know how to travel to Falkland Islands visit volunteer points for astonishing views of nature. Penguins are endemic animals, and you can spot them on every single island in the archipelago. The volunteer point is a habitat for three different penguin kinds. King penguins only live on Volunteer island and have nearly 2000 members. Magellanic Penguins live here too. Moreover, the island is home to ducks and finches. To see all of these animals, you need to take your binocles with you. There are several tour guides to Volunteer points. If you are not aware of the relief and ecosystem in Volunteer Point, it is better to travel with a tour guide. Tour guides will inform you in a detailed way while you are enjoying observing penguins. 

6. West Falkland Island

ship It is more difficult to travel to West Falkland Island. The Onshore part of the island has cliffs while the inside of the Falkland Islands landscape is full of hills. There is an East Falkland Island, which is biodiverse to the same extent. There are close to 200 different kinds of plants and many birds. The most famous commodity in the west Falkland Island is sheep. Port Howard's settlement is known for its importance in sheep farming. Port Howard is a great place for hiking. Close to port Howard, a little museum offers some parts of vehicles from war with the British. Some artifacts demonstrate the importance of sheep breeding and how economically viable is this type of farming. Mount Maria is a mountain close to a lake in West Falkland Island. This is a spot for fishers with whom you can chat easily in the Falkland islands language - English. 

7. Nature of South Georgia Island

bird This island does not have citizens and is mainly used for British Antarctic Research Station. There is one museum where are the Falkland Islands left uninhabited, which probably represents things from Antarctica. Landlife consists of mountains that are covered with snow almost during the whole year. Seals are citizens of the island and emerge on the island each summer. They breed here because Falkland islands weather is proper for them and their offspring. White seals live and breed in South Georgia Island. A large number of penguins belong to South Georgia Island, with many albatross and reindeers.

8. Unique South Georgia Museum

This museum opened for observation and hunting of whales. Falkland islands weather and proper ocean temperature present optimal conditions for whales. Many whalers came from Norway to build and explore in the South Georgia Museum. After years, the status of the museum changed and turned into the history museum of the island. The museum's amazing position provides a great view of mountains and lake: the maritime and natural history of the island represented in the museum for guests. 

9. Bleaker Island

birds The Bleaker Island is a 30-minute distance from the capital of Falkland islands - Stanley. The island landscape is mostly lowland, which makes it easy to reach here. Accommodation on the Island is relatively easier and offers a rich maritime history. At the beginning of the 20th century, five ships were lost unanimously on the island. Later the island became private property. This helped the flourishing of farming and tourism. On the island, duck is the main farming entity, and the climate offers more opportunities for duck preservation. Rockhopper penguins are endogenous to this island and live a short distance from cottages. 

10. Darwin and Goose Green

islas malvinas This place's name is the same as Charles Darwin, the most famous biologist. He came to the Falkland Islands and designed experiments. The battling center and sheep farming organized by the same center. Due to some changes in the Falkland Islands landscape farming and the cattle center moved to 2 km away from its original place. Now the center is operating for sheep shaving as well. 

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