12 reasons why you should travel to Algeria right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Algeria right now

Algeria is a destination of choice for all those who are in search of escape and novelty. Because of the Sahara's dunes, the Great Mosque, or the heat of the Berbers, Algeria is a country rich in culture and beautiful discoveries. Where is Algeria? It is located in the heart of the Maghreb in North Africa. Algeria is an ideal travel destination, which has a large number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Therefore I can surely say that it is worth to travel to Algeria. But the beauty of Algeria does not end there. It is everywhere, all the time, and there are several reasons why it is an urgent country to visit and have such a nice time in Algeria. If you are interested in how safe is it to travel to Algeria, you find it more peaceful than other North African countries and will not ask again is it safe to travel to Algeria. 

Why you should travel to Algeria right now?

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There are countless reasons to travel to this beautiful African country and have a good time in Algeria. Its wonderful nature, nice Algeria people, beautiful sites in the capital of Algeria, facts how safe is it to travel to Algeria, the rate of Algeria currency, Algeria religion, and the official language of Algeria can be some of the essential reasons why you should consider to travel there. In this article, you will find the 12 most important reasons to travel to Algeria, including answers to the questions, such as where is Algeria, is it safe to travel to Algeria and how safe is it to travel to Algeria, what is the number of Algeria population, what is the capital of Algeria, how are Algeria people, what is the Algeria currency, what is Algeria religion, and what is the official language of Algeria. 

1. Climate

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Where is Algeria? Located between the desert and the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria benefits from a particularly pleasant climate when staying there on vacation. Both mild and temperate, it is regular throughout the seasons and makes this destination suitable, whatever the time of year. I must say that the proximity to the sea plays a particularly interesting role here, especially in the north of Algeria. Hot and dry in summer, mild and humid in winter, this region has a real promise of pleasant weather when you decide to visit it. The fact remains that Algeria people sometimes compare this country to California. It is not for nothing. You can enjoy the big cities, too, during your trip to Algeria in the best possible way.

2. Algeria population

central market square

The number of Algeria population is more than 42 million. The hospitality of Algerians is one of the greatest characteristics of this nation. And yes, Algeria is a real land of hospitality and benevolence, even towards foreigners. According to its tradition, the country is full of beautiful souls, who will all have as much attention for you as for others. Of course, it is not uncommon for a tourist to be more likely to arouse curiosity, but the fact remains that the welcome is all the warmer. Thus, you will not ask is it safe to travel to Algeria after your trip.

3. Algerian cities

capital city of algeria

Algeria is full of monuments, each more beautiful than the next, but also all more fascinating. Because of the country's history, oscillating between colonization, the Algerian war, and the Presidency of Bouteflika has things to say and things to show you. Each city, therefore, has within its vestiges of culture and history. From the capital of Algeria, Algiers, to the small towns in the south, the country has more to offer in its cities. In this, the country stands out as a particularly interesting cultural destination, which also calls your eye to take advantage of the beautiful things it offers. Constantine, la Blanche, Bejaia, so many names of cities that resonate in your ears like oriental beauty treasures, between modernity and authenticity of the alleys.

4. Deserts


How to evoke Algeria without mentioning its permanent proximity with the various deserts? Of course, you will find the famous Saharan desert, but you will also find the region of Hoggar, Illizi, etc. In short, Algeria is made up of 84% of desert territories, which is to say the importance of this element. The tourist attractiveness also confirms this importance. Because in addition to being the bearer of escape, the desert is often of a nameless beauty, as evidenced by Tassili n'Ajjer, the largest desert in the world, which houses the city of Sefat with its thousands of rock paintings. A source of tradition and history, accompanied by attractions such as quad biking or camel rides in the Sahara. What a relax in complete relaxation, the riches of Algeria! 

5. Cuisine

couscous with chicken and avocado

There are cuisines around the world that leave you more different than others. This is the case of Algerian cuisine, directly imbued with the oriental spirit and the Maghrebian spirit. Flavors full of textures that come to mix in dishes, each more exotic than the next. But if Algeria is popular for something is for typical products, like dates, renowned as the best in the world, but also the olives Kabyle, or wheat, clementine, in short, a rich and endless terroir. Nestled on the borders of the Mediterranean and the Maghreb, Algeria, therefore, has a cuisine between land and sea, which places tagine or couscous as national dishes for your greatest pleasure.

6. Culture


A true land of vestiges and a former French province, Algeria is a land of history and incredible memories. That is why French is the second official language of Algeria, after Arab. Far from mere ruins, it is a rooted identity through the different regions such as Kabylia. Enough to thrill all budding anthropologists, who will be delighted to find here a quantity of unparalleled architectural, religious, and cultural wonders. Because yes, wherever you are, there is always something to see, something to do in Algeria. If there is one country where the local culture is present, it is Algeria. There is a very strong cultural mix, which makes the country one of the most cosmopolitan in Africa. A good number of cultures coexist, from the Arabs to the Berbers, including the Tuaregs, further south. But it is indeed art and music that are placed as the link of this mixed country, but so harmonious. 

7. The Great Mosque of Algiers

jemaa el djazair

The main Algeria religion is Islam. Therefore you will see many mosques in this country. Speaking of Algiers, if there is a reason why Algeria is a destination of choice, it is for its mosques, in particular, one: the Great Mosque of Algiers. Indeed, after seven years of construction, Djamaa El-Djazair is a mosque completed very recently (in April 2019). Therefore, with an area of 20,000 square meters, it is the third-largest mosque in the world. On the other hand, it is the largest mosque in Africa, and its minaret is the tallest in the world. Between architecture and culture, the Mosque of Algeria is worth the detour, if only for its central nave, surrounded by colonnades, or for its panoramic observation post at the top.

8. Coasts of Mediterranean

mediterranean sea coast

Algeria is a land of contrast, between the land of the desert and the sea. Between the city of Algiers and Oran, the majority of the Algerian population is concentrated. Miracle: all are located near the coast! And for a good reason, the Algerian coast is a joy when it comes to coming on vacation. Bordered by mountains, Algeria's coastal towns are divided over more than 1,500 km and give all their essence to the harmony and charm of the country. You should visit the "Turquoise Coast" for its rocky coves in the East of Algiers or its fine sand beaches.

9. Martyr's Memorial

el hamma

The Martyr Memorial is one of the must-see places. Located on Algiers' heights, this concrete construction, erected in 1982, is a commemorative monument in memory of the shaheeds of the war of independence.

10. Timgad


Classified as a world tourist monument, the city of Timgad is a veritable open-air museum. Located in the Wilaya of Batna, this city bears witness to the history of thousands of years of Roman presence in North Africa. It is a wonderful place to spend your time in Algeria more interestingly. 

11. Prices

algerian dinar bills

Dinar is the Algeria currency. The prices in Algeria are so attractive. For example, you will benefit from a pretty suite for less than 35 € a night in Bejaia, a full meal for less than € 3. Not to mention the accessibility to the various sites, which will seem just symbolic to you because it is not expensive.

12. Constantine


In addition to the magnificent bridges of Constantine that will make you dizzy, you should visit its casbah or its famous souk called "souika," but also the craftsmen who work copper as at the time, stroll through the streets for shopping, pay attention to your budget. There are so many fabrics, products, spices, colours that you will lose your mind.

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